Golf Fitness Training




Fun and Systematic method to improve your sport performance. Stronger, Longer, More Stable and Flexible.  Come join me to improve the most important club in your bag- You!

Margo is trained in Functional Movement Systems, as well as the Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf Fitness Instructor.  Let's work on your favorite sport in the gym.  It is not your granddad's old school weight room program.  Rotational Power development  for the current era.  Workouts should be fun and engaging.  After your workout you should feel ready to play your sport, not exhausted nor sore the next day. 

Margo Fonda is passionate about golf and fitness. Margo has worked with clients and fitness for 25 years.  She can apply sound and safe strategies to get you moving and feeling better on and off the field, court or course.  

Do you love to play golf?  There are several sports that work in a similar fashion.  Tennis is not that much different than baseball or golf, and all three sports can generate enormous power if you know the steps to get there.  All three need a stable base to get the most force to the ball. Explore the possibilities of a real game changer.