ACL reconstruction Surgery recovery part 2

At first my PT sessions were focusing on two things. One is my knee extension. Secondly, the of knee flexion. Both of these are qualitative. Measuring the angle of me knee on extension, the goal is to be able to hyper-extend my knee slightly, so to minus two to four degrees. The knee flexion desired is based on what I am able to do comfortably on my good knee, (which is my right) and that is about 150 degrees.

For the knee extension, I am to lie down with my left heel propped up on a small object such as an upside down small bowl from my kitchen. I did pad the flat bottom surface of the bowl with a small towel. I would lie supine with my heel raised. Also it is important that my knee is straight and that my left toes are straight up and not rolling over to the left. At this point, my leg is very straight and I am getting a great stretch on the back of my left knee. I am to hold this for 10 minutes at a time. When I do this exercise, it is quite uncomfortable as the timer ticks away to zero. But I do achieve a great stretch and feel like I am walking so much better every day.

For the knee flexion, I will sit down on the floor and have a belt or strap to assist me flexing my knee. A loop of the strap is around my mid foot, and the other end is used by my hand to pull my knee towards my chest. Early on this was quite difficult to perform. My goal was 2 sets of 15 four times a day. The most I could do would be 10 repetitions at a time for the first week, but I knew I needed to do this. Now I can easily do this drill. Two days ago at PT, Lex measured my knee flexion to be 115 degrees. Then I performed 30 reps of the heel slide/knee slide exercise and then remeasured to 120 degrees. Remember my goal is to be even with my right side which is at 150.

Margo Fonda