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X factor separation or

Core Strength


If you subscribe to any golf magazine or email list for golf, you may have heard about X-Factor Separation.  In fact, there was a recent article featuring a pro player with the name Xander Schauffele and the article talked about the X-Factor. 


One of the keys that great golfers have is the ability to separate the lower body from the upper body.  This ability is called the X-Factor.  Try one of the screens from TPI, the pelvic rotation test.  Stand in front of a mirror in a postion like you are holding a 5-iron at the address position.  Then cross your arms over your chest.  Now without moving your upper body and shoulders (that is what the mirror is for), try to rotate only your hips.  Nothing else.  To rotate only your hips and not the rest of your body, this is core stability and core strength.  All great players get to the top of their backswing and then initate the downswing with the hips leading and the torso, arms and club lagging. 


This is a great concept to add to your workout to help you get that lag with your golf shots.  There are several exercises that I use with golfers to get this separation.  Standing as you would at address, place both hands on to a stable object such as a golf cart or door frame.  Then try to turn or roate your hips smoothly left and right without your upper body moving.   This is practicing the X-factor separation.   




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